Genusity Advertising Network (GAN)

This new way of using your Beacons to advertise will increase your views and that should increase your clicks as well.
We will now be showing your ads on ALL cell phones including…iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc….
Your ad will also show on Tablets, computers and more.
You can also create a Graphic ad now in the Genusity Tools area. This is a 325 X 325 ad that will show on any phone.

Here’s how the system works:
When you create your ad or message it is sent to all the phones, tablets, etc. within the radius of the Beacons transmission. It is then transmitted through the internet and is placed/attached to an App Rotator. This App Rotator has, at any given time, between 1 to 2 million apps in it.
Your ad/message is attached to one of those apps that is in the current app rotator and when that app is opened by the people that have received your Beacon Transmission, it’s displayed on their device. This could happen instantly, weeks later or even months later.
We will also be using Fencing Technology. That means that your ad will be seen by people within a 50 mile radius of your beacon and/or your zip code.
AS A BONUS: By using this Fencing Technology, the company that we have contracted with is also advertising your ad/message to thousands of people within your Fencing radius!
So this means not only are you receiving your Beacon views and clicks but you are also receiving, at no additional cost, Radius Targeted Online Advertising.
If you did this kind of advertising yourself, it could cost you thousands per month!
And before you ask, YES, this will work WORLDWIDE!
Rest assured, even though this new GAN system will cost us a lot more money per month to run, we are NOT increasing your cost.
NOW… We have some good news and bad news….
The good news is, you don’t have to do anything for this to work. It will work with your
current ads and beacons.
Check Out The NEW Ad System

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